Dying isn't Only for the Dead

Dying isn't only for the Dead.

Trigger warning  "I honestly want to die. I am not happy in this world whatsoever. It feels like the more I become myself, the more lonely I become. I hate living in a space and time where it's a constant battle to just be myself."

First and foremost, I would like to sincerely, from the depths of my soul, say thank you, and I love you to all who reached out personally and sent love my way. The best way I can repay that is by continuing to live my life to the fullest.

Did you know that dying isn't only for the dead? People find it fascinating and intoxicating that I am a psychic. They love that I can feel the collective's consciousness to the point I can accurately predict or how easily I can interpret an individual's energy. However, if you're not a psychic or in tune with yourself, you don't realize how much of a battle it can be. 

"Masters are not people who don't suffer. They are people who don't speak on it because they know the laws of the universe."

In that moment of writing out that tweet, I was dying. I hated everything around me, the energy I was occupying, the shit I allowed in my perspective. It was unbearable to witness, and this was not the first time I have felt this way. 

It was, however, the first time I felt this way without shame. Personally, I am incredibly self-aware and comfortable in my essence. I feel and acknowledge all of me.

 Even during the times, I am emotionally, physically, and mentally evolving. I honestly go through this process three times a year, and I often don't speak on it. 


Among the sweet comments, I received many people saying, "It's good to remember that you're not perfect." People think perfection means without flaws, meaning there is no negativity or breakdown, which is the delusion of perfection. Perfection understands that everything has a place and is working at the appropriate time. Perfection is peace. 

I want all and anyone to understand that I don't lose my value during the moments I am not happy. I am motherfucking perfection. And so are you. We need to end this stigma that negative thoughts, dark emotions, and heavy energy are not beneficial or part of becoming better. 

Do not dehumanize me because of my consistent success, and don't pity me when I express another side of me that isn't so positive.

Resonate with me, love me, share your stories with me, understand that this is the process of life. Emotions. 

I understand humanity because I understand myself. I am patient with others because I remember to be patient with myself. I can be in a consistent place of peace because I know myself. I know myself; therefore, I know how this world works. 

It all starts from within. I am now aware that no one can define my journey for me, good or bad. No one can provide the peace I have generated for myself time and time again. I now realize I cannot fit into a world I wish to change.  


The comments under my post confirmed that my cry for help wasn't only just mine. We need to do better as a society. We need to do better as individuals. Appreciate what is good now. Stop focusing on anything that takes away your joy. Once you do transition, you'll realize none of the suffering was ever worth it.  

You can have that realization now. Moving forward, you will see me succeed and know that it isn't because I have never seen a dark day but because I accepted that my darkness guided me to the light. 

 And so it is. 

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