Family Dynamics Dictates Relationships

Your relationship with your family directs how you deal with others.

 Your childhood doesn’t have to be as dramatic as others to still experience psychological fuckery.

— DJ Morris

Power Plays

Children who were in situations they had no control over, such as no boundaries with parents, caught in the middle of divorce disputes, controlling parents in general, create adults who subconsciously attract power plays in relationships.

Unavailable Love

If your parents were absent a lot (no matter how that may manifest; working, emotionally unstable, hysically gone but were still loving) you are attracted to unavailable love.

Communicating Emotions

Kids who had parents that silenced them often, such as "speak unless spoken to," were forced to go to the room during a heated discussion, or a parent experienced big emotions where there was no room for the child's feelings. The individual grows up struggling with communicating their own emotions. 


If your parents were emotionally unavailable due to work positions such as being a police officer, nurse, doctor, military or had parents who were uncomfortable showing unconditional love. The children grow up to struggle with vulnerability and intimacy. 

Therefore, most individuals love with conditions, creating people to not feel safe being open and accepted for all that they are. These children experience parents who do not allow them to feel safe emotionally. There needs to be a shift in mindset and emotions for this world to change.


Passive Aggression

If your parents did their best, but it wasn't THE best, and you understood that.  You most likely struggle with self-compassion and being passive-aggressive. You ignored your own pain to make your parent comfortable 

This may not be true for EVERYONE, and it can manifest in many details. This is just the bigger picture of why some people act the way they do.

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