PSA: CIA says we live in an energetic field

The CIA released evidence that we all live in an energetic field (simulation) to create our reality individually. It didn’t make mainstream news because it was a test to see where the majority stands.  Your literal Central Intelligence Agency gave you the secret to life, and people either don’t know or understand it. And that’s the point. They have been knowing and got ahead of it by programming the mass majority.


This talks about manifesting and how powerful energy is

Manifesting, Government, CIA, Documents

This talks about astral projections

Astral projections, Wisdom, Spiritual, Manifesting, CIA

This talks about how your reality is only your perspective (you know shit I’ve been trying to tell you for two years)

Manifesting, Spiritual, Spiritual Awakening, Simulation, CIA, Documents,

This is evidence of psychics

Psychics, Magic, Spiritual, Government, CIA, DJ Morris, Journalist

And this bad boy speaks evidence of magic from the mind/energy (energy bar tool) , mediumship (remote viewing) and chakras (living body map) lol

Living body map, Chakras, CIA, Documents, DJ Morris, Energy, Mind, Body


Learn how to access these abilities

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