Manifesting Money-- We love to see it.

Appreciation is gold. It is the only thing you will ever need to know when it comes to basic manifesting.

Manifesting includes the law of attraction which is the law where like attracts like. Vibration matches vibration.

Some people refuse or deny the idea of manifesting and some will even go as far as saying the ability is meant for a select few. Well, I am here to tell you that manifesting is the most logical thing that we ALL do. Manifesting is a fancy way of saying, what you believe in will become your reality.

Yes, it is that simple. Whatever you expect to happen whatever you believe in you are correct. I wish I would argue with you. I am aware that perception is extremely powerful and we have full control over our reality.

Now knowing this I want you to understand that you can manifest anything you believe in. I don't care if it seems logical or unrealistic. If you believe that you can fart rainbows that shit could happen. (However, I don't think there is anyone out there who is dedicated to making themselves believe that.)

Unfortunately, people are more dedicated to believing that life is meant to be hard, money is difficult to obtain, a system works against us, etc Now I am not saying these statements are not true. I just want to show you how it got there and that it's the power of the statements that made it a reality.

I'm sure a lot of you think that our reality is the way it is because of facts. When really as a collective we are co-creating with one another. If the collective believes that something is going to happen, you are right. (Sounds familiar about anything?) Everyone creates their reality based on their perception.

Not a lot of people are aware of this ability so they manifest on auto-pilot. And this is where the idea of reprograming your mind (it's not as dramatic or difficult as it sounds) comes into play. If you grew up believing other's limited perceptions you will function off of those actions until you believe otherwise.

Yes, that is the point of affirmations! You are repeating certain phrases because any belief is a habit of thought. So when you affirm something (doesn't matter positive or negative) you are creating that in your reality.

Like how a lot of you love to say you're broke. And then like to complain that you're broke. Oh and how you don't understand why you keep being broke. (see where I am going with this)

Even when you continue to talk about a reality that doesn't serve you, you're manifesting the same reality over and over again aka depression (that's for another post)

So how do we manifest money now knowing all of this? I think that money is the easiest thing you can manifest. And this is coming from someone who grew up homeless for 18 years. You would think I would have this fucked up perception of money and you're right. Not in the way that you think though, you see I always saw money for what it is---fake.

My mother had a job for each kid (three) and yet we still couldn't afford anything reasonable. As I stayed in motels I would see commercials about poverty in other countries like Africa but never once saw anything about America.

Poverty wasn't a hot topic for uncle sam which lead to me being silent about my upbringing. However, I was grateful to witness the fuckery because my mom got food stamps when back in the day legit looked like monopoly money. And boom! There I realized that none of this shit was real.

So I never gave money much attention in the sense of having resistance towards the idea of it coming easily. Due to the government, I always believed that money was available.

And that ladies, gents, and non-binaries that is the formula to manifesting money. I don't care what your financial history is like, if you have a job or no job, whatever excuse you have told yourself all this time. I need you to understand that all you have to do is shift your mindset to:

Money is always available.

You only affirm that thought. No matter what doubt pops up, no matter what your current reality looks like, you affirm the above.

Money is the easiest to manifest in my opinion because just like anything else it is energy. However, money can be found ANYWHERE kind of energy. You find it on the ground, you get it in a stimulus check, you can earn it from showing your feet.

All you need to do is focus on receiving it and not focus on the how. Gratitude is the easiest way to attract anything but, especially more money. When you focus on things you already have or things to be grateful for the universe will bless you with more.

When you focus on lack and the idea of being broke (which if you live in America being broke here is a privilege) then you will receive more situations that put you there.

There you have it. You can use this formula to manifest anything you desire but you have to believe and expect it like you easily do with your negative thoughts.

There are no set rules when and when not to manifest because you do it as long as you're not brain dead.

Now you know to deliberately create your reality.

Will you?


  • Loveee your tweets and this write up so much. Been seeing you so much on my timeline the past couple days, and some of your tweets have been etched in my mind. Really learning so much from you. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us!! Love and blessings to you. 💖

    -Karmen (vetta_viccious on twitter. Lol)

    Karmen Kerr
  • Love this! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!


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