Unique Visions

  • Bearing Fruits

    You’re focused but yet still fighting some illusions.

    Trusting yourself is key. 

  • Destiny Awaits

    Are you strong enough? 

    Faith, intuition and hope is all you have. 

  • Veil Lifted

    When does enough become enough? Enough of the cycles! Enough of the rose colored glasses! Enough of the self sabotage! Enough of the toxic family dynamics! Part the sea so I can choose and walk in between the illusions and the truth! 
  • Parent Bonds

    Later down the line we eventually grow but recognizing certain traumas is the hardest part. Once we recognize the damage we are causing ourselves and others it’s hard to unlearn the habits we have been taught since childhood. 
  • Unify

    Nobody questions the sun. 

    The magical state of its being. 

    How the sun sprinkles it’s beam to bloom beautiful flowers. 

  • Adding Tax

    That divine energy inside of you is top tier. 

    Stop trying to prove your magic to everyone around you. 

    Be the example, stand on what you say, watch the outcome. 

    Don’t be afraid to apply that pressure on your life. 

  • Surrender

    Surrendering gave my life so much meaning and helped me in my transitioning process. When you think of the word surrender what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? For me it was submission in a sense of giving up easily. 
  • Stay Up

    It’s very easy to become unfocused. 

    It’s very easy to lose sight of what’s important.

    It’s very easy to keep those around you that contribute to your bad habits.

  • Spiritual Warfare

    Beauty is in the pain. War is in the mind. Fear is the illusion.  Death is the rebirth.  Love is... Love is intentionally left blank.  What is lov...