Adding Tax

Adding Tax

That divine energy inside of you is top tier. 

Stop trying to prove your magic to everyone around you. 

Be the example, stand on what you say, watch the outcome. 

Don’t be afraid to apply that pressure on your life. 

When you’re purpose driven, the more focused you’re in yourself. When you’re focused on your own progression, you’re also attacked in different directions. Have you noticed when you’re in your own lane, distractions pop up? Old habits? Ex’s? Toxic family members? 

There are many reasons this could be happening to you. From my experiences the main reasons are:

  1. People want you to stay with them and never progress because they love to see you unhappy. 
  2. You’re being tested to see how you handle certain situations now that you have more knowledge of self.
  3. You try to bring people with you that were never supposed to go in the first place. 
  4. Certain people are attracted to your light and do not want to give you up. 

You have to know when it’s time to apply that pressure and let people/situations fall off that aren’t meant to come with you. When you get the signs it’s time to LEVEL UP, do it without hesitation! Better yourself and the people you love might want to follow your example. If they don’t follow you, that’s okay too. 

Be bigger. Think bigger. Dream bigger. You’re here for a reason. You will never find out that reason if you keep yourself tied up with everyone else’s problems and/or trying to save them. SAVE YOU FIRST!! Then the people that are supposed to come with you will reveal themselves. I cannot stress that enough! 

The reason why I say you don’t have to prove anything to anybody is because 9 times out of 10 when you start standing on your worth, people will automatically respect you. They will see that you aren’t playing any type of games. Your energy is TOP TIER!!! When you have top tier energy, you become dangerous. So dangerous that your energy becomes contagious then BOOM! Without even realizing it, you started a whole movement. Just by being you, removing energies, removing situations, removing people, you started a whole movement. 

Sacrifice is euphoric and painful. It’s a price we have to pay when our blessings line up. Don’t make your life harder than it has to be. Once you learn yourself and implement boundaries in your life, you will start to see the changes. You will see who will respect you and who won’t respect you. That’s another way you can decipher who is for you and who is there just for the ride with you. Take off those rose colored glasses and see people/situations for what they truly are. 

When you’re being called to level up and drop everything that no longer serves you...listen. There’s always something better in store. Know your light and add divine tax!!! 

Affirmation: I recognize my higher divinity and will do my best to not let obstacles come in between. If obstacles do intervene, I know that they’re there for my own self progression. My innerG will remain top tier no matter what is placed on my path. For I know that I am powerful and placed here to let my light shine.

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