Bearing Fruits

Working hard so that you can work smart

Knowledge is power and you’re sitting on the throne of it

Deciphering between the integrity vs the illusions which one will you gravitate towards? 

You have the keys but still undecided on which doors to unlock. 

You’re focused but yet still fighting some illusions.

Trusting yourself is key. 

Protecting and maintaining your fruits and labor are key. 

Protecting and maintaining your mind is key. 

In order to maintain your mindset, fruits and have to stay organized! Get yourself on a routine that works for you! As you advance yourself spiritually, you will advance yourself physically. Everything has to have a balance and here’s where it gets kind of tricky because in order to have balance you need discipline. 

Discipline is something everyone struggles with at a lot of points in their lives but if we want better we have to do better and manage our time wisely. Here’s some ways that you can manage your spirituality routine and physical: 

  • Get a journal and write down what you want to accomplish on a daily basis. Add times and dates! 

  • Get a planner app on your phone and add reminders of what you need to do. Check them off as you go. 

  • Set times on your clock with your phone and add affirmations to the alarm. Say your affirmations for the week out loud as it pops up no matter if you’re home or out! 

  • Start by listing 3 things that you can consistently do then add to it when you do those 3 things consistently! Do not overwhelm yourself! 

Always keep integrity no matter what you choose to do in life! Staying true and being true to yourself is literally the best gift you can give. Spirit sees you working hard and you will bear the fruit you deserve. Get disciplined by setting goals and having a routine to help you get to those goals. 

Don’t forget to congratulate yourself for consistently following your very own routine that works for you! Every accomplishment no matter how small it is MATTERS! Keep putting in that work so life later down the road can be a lot easier for you. You got this! 

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