Destiny Awaits


Are you strong enough? 

Faith, intuition and hope is all you have. 

The path before you, is only seen to you. 

Do you have what it takes to go on?

Are you capable of leaving everything behind? 

Family? Friends? Hometown? 

Leaving means you would have to start over. 

Build a brand new happiness for yourself. 

Leaving also means pain, heartache, grieving on what was left behind. 

Stop looking back…

Destiny awaits you. 

Hey, what’s up? It’s about that time, huh? To branch out and find your own way of living. Following the crowd never seemed right, anyway! If you’ve been feeling called to leave everything behind and start something new do it. We have intuition and instincts for a reason. Do not ignore them because of your own comfortability. 

This road ahead that you see for yourself is not for the weak, no. That’s why your path is made for you because not everyone can endure what you can endure with ease. What’s missing in your life? Why are you still unhappy? I bet you have everything, huh? Getting by with your 9-5, chilling, family, friends...I get it you're comfortable. Ask yourself though...why do you feel like you’re still lacking something? Why are you not fulfilled? 

Disconnect so you can reconnect. It’s time to figure out what’s missing so you can take over your own world. Ride out the waves of destiny that awaits you. Focus your energy on yourself and watch how everything changes. Only you know what’s best for you at the moment you’re in. Yes beloved, it’s time to move!! Like I told you before...let everyone else catch up to you. 

“Your destiny is coming close, stand up and fight.” -Beyoncé 

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