Parent Bonds

“Yeah, my mother mainly took care of me financially but she lacked emotionally. That later resulted in traumas that I never even knew I was forming. Then when I really think deep about it...maybe my mother was incapable of showing emotions because it was never shown to her when she was a kid.” 

Have you ever been pressured to pursue a certain career by your parents? Better yet hear them say, “I couldn’t do it when I was your age so I’m just going to live through you.” Are you the type that grew up wanting validation from your parents so you pleased them anyway you could even if it broke you down or made you unhappy afterwards? 

I know those feelings all too well. Parents do not realize that they create certain traumas when we are younger that we carry into our adulthood. Later down the line we eventually grow but recognizing certain traumas is the hardest part. Once we recognize the damage we are causing ourselves and others it’s hard to unlearn the habits we have been taught since childhood. 

Now I said hard, I never said impossible. Back in the day, a lot of adults didn’t really recognize the traumas they were causing. This day and age healing is becoming more known, which is good. It’s good because now most people are doing something about their traumas. They’re unlearning to learn better habits within themselves. That trauma never goes away but you can learn how to not let it OVERPOWER you and your future. 

Everything starts inside of your mothers womb. Trauma can be created before your mother gives birth to you, these roots run deep. Change your narrative and teach your kids to be better. Recognize the patterns that you inherited and your family patterns. Choose which ones you want to keep and which ones you don’t. Just because you inherited certain traits from your parents doesn’t mean you have to let those traits take over your life. It’s your life for a reason and you choose which roles you want to play. 

Some ways you can connect with your children: 

  • Get them a birth chart reading to better understand them. 
  • Spend a lot more time with them. Do family activities, build each other up as a unit. 
  • Show them how to transmute their emotions as you learn to transmute your own. 
  • Have patience.

Your parents chose the life they wanted to live and how they wanted to raise you. Now it’s time for you to choose your own path.

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