Spiritual Warfare

Beauty is in the pain.
War is in the mind.
Fear is the illusion. 
Death is the rebirth. 
Love is...
Love is intentionally left blank. 
What is love to you? 
Are you constantly shedding too? 
Do you feel your soul constantly taring away from you? Piece by piece.
That’s what you call a re-birth. 
It’s the most painful yet rewarding experience there is.
What you fear is change…
Lack of guidance…
Non deserving…
I can build a list of illusions that are non-existent. 
Do not let fear overcome you.
You are deserving.
You are constantly healing.
You’re shedding old versions of yourself.
You are SEEN. 
I see you, babe. 
I am, YOU.
Beauty is in your struggles. 
Your tears, your heartbreaks. 
Your obstacles are meant for you to overcome. 
It’s okay to not be okay. 
Let go and recognize the beauty within.
Spiritual warfare is the beauty in life…

We are in crucial times where not only are we being attacked physically but also spiritually. 2020 is the year I actually realized that spiritual warfare is a thing. Our families and friends are really being attacked from the inside out. We are all being challenged in different ways.

One thing that I’ve learned from 2020 is nothing can have power over you if you don’t let it. When you’re constantly at war with yourself in your mind, you’re fighting with your shadow. 

Learn to embrace and love the darkness that’s inside of you. Nurture it and don’t resent it! There has to be balance of light and dark. It’s all about how you naturally respond to the darkness when it does come out.

Pain grows your purpose! Every challenge that is coming your way, embrace it and thank God (or whoever you pray to)  for them! You never know why you’re going through that shadow period in your life...until you hold on and look at what you been through later on. 

Don’t let your circumstances become you. I promise you, you can get through anything you put your mind too. It’s 2021, we are coming way different. 

In my eyes spiritual warfare is a beautiful thing. It’s forcing people to wake up and realize there’s GROWTH that needs to be done within! Voice your truth, embrace your shadow, be true to yourself. Remember that you’re limitless! Do me a favor okay? Never give up on yourself and always choose to fight a little longer. 

It’s always going to be worth it.


  • WOW words of wisdom. Love it! Needed to hear it! I am blessed by…….IT!

  • Beautiful words that came just in time✨


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