It’s in you. 

Have you forgotten? 

Power, wisdom, divinity. 

It’s in you. 

Don’t forget.

Love, communication, connections.

It’s in you. 

Are you listening?

Hope, faith, trust. 

It’s in you. 

Stay with me.

Magick, manifesting, free will.

It’s in you.


Surrendering gave my life so much meaning and helped me in my transitioning process. When you think of the word surrender what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? For me it was submission in a sense of giving up easily. 

Now I have a whole new perspective on what this word means. Surrendering is part of the puzzle, letting go of control lines up with it. In order to surrender, you have to let go. In the past, control was all I knew. I figured if I controlled every outcome of my life then nothing bad could happen to me. 

That thinking alone threw off my whole divinity. I never realized how unhappy I was until I surrendered my unhappiness. All you have to do is just live, lessons are going to pop up regardless. When you let go of control you give God the opportunity and space to truly give you the blessings you desire.  I speak on God because God lives and speaks through me. God lives and speaks to everyone, you just have to listen. All praise and gratitude to God. 

Now you may be asking, how can you surrender? Only you can answer that. Only you know when enough is enough and get tired of repeating your own cycles. Once you’re done going through the process you will know exactly what I am talking about. Until then, good luck to you because this process isn’t for the faint heart. 


A woman who learned how to surrender. 

Affirmation: I recognize that I am divinity. I release control and trust God to intervene in my life. I am capable of surrendering to whatever God has for me. 

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