About DJ Love Light

We allow people to come home to themselves using self-love, jubilation, and authenticity.

Many people are thinking things that go against what the rest of society is doing. A lot of these people are unsure how to express those thoughts. That can lead to them feeling anxiety, lost, depressed and not understanding the purpose of things.

DJ Love Light guides people back home to themselves. They finally understand their thoughts are not wrong, and even learn to love and embrace those thoughts. They are filled with newfound confidence, which now fuels their life. Instead of waiting for any manifestation to come, they find themselves grateful for each and every moment. Finally knowing that no one is alone. And all things are filled with love and light(even darkness).

DJ Love Light was established in 2018 when DJ realized her gift of intuition is a valuable asset that can help guide herself and others on their path. It started with DJ offering astrology readings at a low price to play with her gifts more. She noticed how accurate she was every time and how her intuition guided the readings. Making her stand out from how other people use and interpret astrology. As she read people's charts from all over the world and her talents began to grow, she knew her worth as an astrologer had been proven with many life-changing reviews.

Shortly after she began to read tarot cards for her clients and realized she can interpret cards with definitions not found on the internet but perfectly coordinating with the client's situation and question. As she offered Tarot readings and started giving collective predictions on Twitter, DJ realized more and more how real her magic is and how impactful her gifts can be.

From 2018 to now DJ has given over ten thousand(s) of readings to complete strangers around the world and has learned so many stories and heard so many deep profound experiences, to the point that she feels as if she aged ten years in just three.

Once Dj's platform grew, a consistent request from her followers was to start a podcast. They loved the way she explained complex concepts, and her voice is nice and soothing to listen to. So in September 2020, the request manifested into a reality. Now, Talk High W DJ is heard in over sixty countries/territories around the world. Average episode download in the 300's

DJ has a long history with writing. She was editor and chief of her high school newspaper her senior year which attracted her a full ride to CSU Chico. There she earned her bachelor's degree in Journalism.

Shortly after graduation, Morris embarked on her screenwriting career in the entertainment industry. The very first screenplay she ever wrote was seen and praised by New Line Cinema, Shondaland, and more.

She has also written for her hometown newspaper involving humanitarian topics such as racism, police brutality, and mass shootings in America.

In January 2019, she wrote a book on Astrology titled Beyond the Sun: Understanding a Natal Birth Chart(rated 5/5 stars on Amazon). This year alone DJ has created many new e-books(available now): Open your Mind journal with prompts to help expand your mindset, and two mini ebooks discussing the topics of Self-Love and Boundaries & Self Respect.

She also wrote for a series on YouTube, Gotta Be Mo with over 2M views Also, out is an astrology comic animated cartoon created, written, and starring DJ herself, Lumen.

DJ currently has many more books and projects in the works, including a guide with daily messages and activities, and a few children's books. DJ is very passionate about writing, and you can expect to continue to read great things from her.

DJ realized her ability to transform lives and wanted to take it a step further by guiding a select few of similar minds towards a common goal. They learn more about magic, their abilities and how to use both in co-creation with one another.