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Intuitive Reading | Liv

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Liv is a soul with a passion for helping others heal. She has experienced innumerable miracles in her life. She now works with people seeking help, guidance, and support in various forms, and believes in each person’s infinite potential. Liv knows that anything is possible and is here to share her offerings with the collective. She is an intuitive healer, licensed massage therapist, lightworker, yoga teacher, acupuncture student, free thinker, and advocate for free will.

In each reading, Liv connects with you via audio call and shares divine insight that resonates with you at the moment and helps you remember why you are here. Each session is geared towards anything you wish— Any questions or topics can be covered, whether specific or a holistic picture.

Examples of what you will go home with:

-deeper insights into patterns manifesting within your mindset/health / relationships / life path choices
-fresh perspectives on your path and purpose
-Truth, clarity, guidance
-waking up to infinite possibilities within your reach
-Reminders of who you are to help you embrace your magic and live the beautiful life you deserve


any questions email